‘Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.” -Walter Anderson.

Everything in life comes with a degree of anxiety, it makes change scary and routine comforting. No one has ever gotten ahead without feeling a little bit of anxiety. It can either push you forward or keep you frozen in place. The more you can learn to use anxiety to motivate you the better, sitting around feeling anxious won’t get you far. Using it and facing it will help you become more productive.

This is something I struggle a great deal with. I’m known for getting wrapped up in my anxiety, I make plans, but don’t get anything accomplished because I become paralyzed. Taking action is hard for me, but I’m determined and that helps. Taking action, even small steps, is still difficult for me. Ijust push my way through and lean on my support system if I need to. Sometimes it feels like it’ll never get better, even though it has, I just can’t see it.

Think about your own anxieties and how you allow them to shape what you do.

What are you anxieties?

Can you take action in a way that lessens your anxieties? How?

What could happen if you took action in spite of your anxieties?

What action could you take right now?

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