Goals are fuel


“Goals are the fuel and the furnace of achievement.” Brian Tracy.

If you don’t have any goals, how do you know what you want to achieve? Goals are what can drive you. Goals are easy for everyone to set or follow through on. I’ve set tons for myself, goal setting has almost become a hobby for me. I even get started but then drift off, even though I have it planned out and how to get there. Sticking to your goals is hard and takes practice. I’m learning, slowly, how it it’s supposed to work. You have to have patience.Think about your own goals and how they could fuel you.

Do you have a set of well-defined goals?

In the past, how has a goal fueled you? How did it feel?

How could you use that memory to help you now?

What one goal would you like to achieve right now? Do you know how to get there?

How could you start today?

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