Look and see


“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” Anonymous.

Everyone can look at the same situation and see something different. One person can look at the loss of a job and see financial ruin, while someone else may see the opportunity to begin a new career. I know that’s easy to say but hard to see. I personally can never see the “bright side”.

A few years back I got really sick, months in the hospital/could die type sick. It made me realize a few things. It’s all in how you see things. For example, my liver is shot… But I don’t need a transplant (right now). No, it wasn’t a life-changing experience, more of life altering. I made changes, and began focusing on things a little differently. It’s the reason I haven’t had to go back to the hospital, and my life and health have improved. Think about what you look at.

What do you see yourself looking at? What do you see?

How could you change what you see?

How would life change if you changed what you see?

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